Hello, and welcome to the homepage of I am Stefan, your guide here. In 1980 I have discovered music as a companion for myself and ever since I write and produce music, with others and or just - myself. I have there- got to know many people and have met a great bunch of my best friends.

Music has always surrounded me whether I was very sad or very happy. It's a litlle like a new language, however, one in which you can talk to yourself without feeling too strange...
There are people who say that the music one creates is there already, you just have to collect it, like you'd pick fruit from a tree. I think that myself sometimes. Basically it seems like translating what goes on around you.

So much for philosophy, now let's talk tec.

Whenever the content on one of my pages is rather long, you'll see two litlle arrows at the right topside of this page. It is an alternative Scrollbar for you to drag, so you can reach the content further down the page.

On most of the bands pages you'll find sound examples in audio players, next to those there might be text links which open in Popups, so you are able to read the lyrics while you can continue listening. The picture galleries open up in Popups too.

If you want to close them again, simply click in the area next to them. I hope, the rest explains is self-expanatory.

If you still have questions, or simply want to contact me, simply use the mail link.

I hope that you like what you'll find here and that we'll meet somewhere along the way.

Until then - Have a good one