The second band in which I played was called TOLERANZGRENZE not to be mistaken with the Punkband founded in 2012. TOLRANZGRENZE rehearsed in Sande, in a shed beside the house in which the group of  STRICHER and part of CARAMBOLAGE had an apartment-sharing community.

I was always the youngest of all of them, even my band members were at least three years older than me. The members of TOLERANZGRENZE changed from time to time, I remember Götz Kerschies on Bass, Michael Weissenbruch on guitar and vocals, Schnulli on vocals, guitar and Moog-Synth, Ulf Carstensen on guitar, vocals and Moog and me on drums and vocals. In spite of so many people only a few recordings exist.
I have played live with TOLERANZGRENZE twice: Once in Flensburg in the "Roxy" as a support-act for STRICHER and once in Husum HDJ. Unfortunately, the tape of the Roxy-gig disappeared directly after the gig and in the HDJ we weren't very good as a band...

Ich mach was du willst-  22.3.83 - HDJ Husum (Gesang Schnulli)

Wo bist du - 22.3.83 - HDJ Husum (Gesang Stefan) - Grausame Wahrheit - Text in Popup