1988 - Time runs

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Mainly with the help of Thorsten Kaul and Christoph "Blubbi" Brockmann  I recorded "Time runs" between 1988 and 89, right before I left Nodfriesland for Berlin.
I lived in Husum and we recorded the instrumental tracks at Thorsten's in Finkhaushallig.I also recorded one track at another friend's studio with a different bucnch of musicians, and one on the piano in Langenhorn. Later on I finished those recordings at my sister's and her then boyfriend Micha's house in Risum-Lindholm, because I knew somebody there that could lend me a 4-Track-taperecorder. Since it was not his and nobody should know, it could not leave town.
With TCS I also had my final concert in Husm, HDJ.


01. Together
02. She
03. Circles
04. Pictures
05. From dust to Glory
06. The Lost and the Lonely
07. Entwined
08. Inside of you
09. Someone
10. Kicks
11. Danger
12. Schwarz oder weiß
13. Hands off
14. Quicksand

Music &Text: Stefan Wruck

TCS: Circles

TCS: The Lost - live in Husum,HDJ, 1989