1985-86 Solo Piano

{gallery width=400 height=300}stories/bands/1985.86.Piano.Langenhorn/RLpic_stef_am_querpiano.jpg{/gallery}In 1985/86 I recorded a bunch of piano songs again.

Level B had finally disbanded and so musically I was looking for new outlets. I really liked the music of Joe Jackson at the time, while I also got more and more into Heavy Metal music. I think if you listen closely, you'll hear both styles in this music. I really loved to sit at the piano in my parents house, composing and recording.

Though the Equipment was still pretty basic (My Universum Senator 2312 Boombox and a second tape attached to it) I still think the recordings sound decent.


    1. Prologue
    2. Autumn
    3. Winter


01. A change of style
02. You make me feel confused
03. Your eyes
04. This is normal
05. Money rules
06. It's getting harder
07. Pretending
08. Young
09. Closer to your mind
10. Blue lonely nights
11. Nowadays
12. Bent on you
13. Cold as Ice
14. Feel fine
15. Affecting ma
16. The right thing anyway
17. To mend a broken heart

Text & Music - Stefan Wruck


You make me feel confused


Cold as Ice