1984 - Everything turns round the girl

{gallery width=400 height=300}stories/bands/1984.ETRTG/EverythinTurnsRoundTheGirlBesetzung.jpg{/gallery}In 1984 we recorded my first solo cassette "Everything turns round the girl".

I played drums in the band "Level B" at that time and our Bass player Blubbi and keyboard player Steve joined me in the recordings. In most of the songs I play several instruments but we couldn't get hold of a multitrack so we used two tape recorders instead, one of which was used for playback  while the other one was fed with that input and through a second microphone recorded further instruments, we played while listening.

My parents were on holidays during these recordings, so we have a chance to build up the drum set in our living room right next to the piano. We had a blast and felt like musicians living in the studio. Unfortunately I lost the mastertape of these recordings during a vist in Berlin and therefore could just make copies from the distorted tape I had left as a backup at home. Hifidelity sure sounds different.


01. I'm headed out
02. Just a crazy guy
03. I wish you well
04. Everything turns round the girl
05. Trembling for fear
06. I need some time
07. Tony
08. Was soll ich schon sagen
09. The Art of living
10. Jackie
11. Mr. Foster
12. I'll hold on
13. To take a shower

Text & Music - Stefan Wruck

The Art of living

I need some time

Everything turns round the girl