Level B

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was my musical home was from 1983 to 1986. At the birthday party of my cousin her friend at that time, Gerhard "Gerdchen" Skrodzki and I got to know each other. Bored - the party we went off to a remote room and played each other our songs on the guitar my cousin had. Since Gerdchen is left-handed, he simply turned the guitar around, playing it upside-down. I still know that I found this extremely impressive. Moreover, we both liked Ace Frehley and Kiss. It looked as if we were ment to play together.
A little later Gerhard invited me to his bands' rehearsal. They were still looking for a drummer at the time. Thus I got to know Steve Brockmann (Keys, vocals), Christoph Brockmann (Bass) und Thomas Melzer (vocals, guitar).

Level B was incredibly important for me. With these musicians I have grown up musically. Everything felt so easy for us, 5 people who bursted with ideas, 5 friends from the very first day. And also the music wasn't all that bad..

Our gigs in Lunden and Husum are days which I will never forget. In the meantime, fortunately, I had bought my UNIVERSUM SENATOR Ghettoblaster with whom I have recorded many of our concerts during that time, simply putting it in the back of the room, asking someone in the audience (mostly my brother) to turn the tape during a songbreak.

In 1986 Gerhard left level B. We continued as a four-piece and made one more concert and then called it quits. It wasn't the same any more. However, we have always remained friends.




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