{gallery width=400 height=138}stories/bands/Egal/EgalLogo.png{/gallery} In 1980 I started making music with my best friend at that time, Jascha Alleyne. 

He played guitar, I was drumming (at first on his guitarbag stuffed with cushion, later on on my first real drumset). I sung and wrote the lyrics, Jascha has wrote most of the riffs.
We recorded the whole thing onto tape-cassettes which we used again and again. Unfortunately, our first recordings have got lost.
In 1983 then, I had since become a drummer for TOLERANZGRENZE, Jascha visited me at one of our rehearsals and the two of us rerecorded some of our songs.
Yet we couldn't catch the atmosphere of the old tapes recorded in my parents cellar which also held 3 oil tanks (for good reverb).
Many of these first texts have tsaye relevant for me and I continued to use them in other bands. I lot of what I thought then, still feels right to me now.
Unfortunately, I have no more pictures of us as a band, except this one that shows us clearing the weeds in my parents garden. Not very rock, but those were the times. Substantially more groovy of course is the logo and the mask which we wanted to tear of the dishonest society's face ..

Bildergalerie Egal (1983):


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