Dear Padruga

existed from 1992 to 1995.

I had just started to record new songs and was looking for people who would like the music and the idea of playing those songs as band. Thus through an announcement in a newspaper I found out about an band in which Marco Wasem played the guitar at the time. We met in their rehearsal space and played each other our our demos. The enthusiasm was held back on both sides, Marco's band was actually just looking for a singer who would sing their songs, while I was looking for a band to join me. We said good-e politely and Marco offered to me a ride back in his car.

Then on the way from Schöneberg to Wedding in his Trabbi he told me he'd like to join my band and leave his and so we were two. He brought his equipment in our rehearsalspace in the cellar of the ACUD in Berlin-mitte and we started recording onto the 4-track-cassete recorder I had just bought for 900 Marks, still looking for a Bassplayer.

The next guy who joined us was Steve Chapman, an Englishman, who had just moved to Berlin, who never really could decide wether he was a musician or an actor in the first place. Somehow that was a good fit for us. Now only a real drummer was absent, because good old HR-16 was noone to throw outraging parties.


At the time there was still the "Parocktikum" a radio program that played local bands tapes and was presented - Lutz Schramm. We sent him a version of "Faster" with Drumcomputer, he played it and soon really good drummer Martin König contacted us.

DEAR PADRUGA were complete. Alike the bands name half of us were from the west and half of us from the east. There was a lot we told each other about the differences and similarities in our upbringing and musically as well as personally we grew closer fast. we recorded our first 16-track demo in the Studio of a band called Eggmen Five (12 songs in 2.5 days including Miixing) and celebrated the result properly.

From then on we had alot of gigs in Berlin, up to the time in when Steve decided finally on theatre against music.

From 1993 Olli Wald was our new Bassist. Many more gigs followed, until Marco informed us that he would move backto his hometown Stendal. This was very sad particularly for me, because he was a very good friend besides being a good guitarist.

Nevertheless, we still continued for about one more year with Andreas Klein on the lead guitar and,even having a gig in Jail in Moabit. Then in 1995 DEAR PADRUGA was a history.


Marco Wasem - guit
Martin König - drums
Steve Chapman - Bass
Stefan Wruck _ guit, vocs

Oliver Wald - Bass
Andreas Klein - guit

here are 3 DEAR PADRUGA - Songs:

"Dear Padruga" Text in Popup


"JFK" Text in Popup

"Until you touch it" - Musik: Wald/Wruck Text in Popup